Thursday, November 6, 2014

So I'm back from Portland...

So Portland was awesome. 

Hands down a city made for nerds and people who worship at the alter of food. I mean, the food was unbelievable, everywhere I ate be it a sandwich shop at 11 at night to an expensive Peruvian I took a chance on one night. There are places to eat everywhere you go, and real nice coffee shops dot the city as well. There was an area on 10th that was an entire city block of food stands that served up anything you were looking for; vegan BLTs, paleo grub, Greek, Mediterranean, Georgian, Indian, Thai, so much good crap to stuff my face with...and believe me, I did.

 Portland was also home to Sizzle Pie, the hard rockin' metalhead pizza place that Bill and Ted would call home. I used the tattoo convention as a front to really travel out here and consume as much Sizzle Pie pizza I could.

                                              DEATH TO FALSE PIZZA!

I don't mean to keep going on and on about the food but hell, I had waffles served by a bad ass punk chick outside a punk burlesque club, good food in Portland's Chinatown, and the tourist DESTINATION spot Voodoo Doughnuts. This place was was created by pervert stoners, with donuts like the "triple penetration" (chocolate with cocoa puffs) and the "Grape Ape" (fucking grape Kool Aid mixed with the frosting). Amazing.

                            Finishing off the Cock and Balls doughnut.


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