Sunday, February 24, 2013

Get Pierced

You got the body.

I got the needles.

Go ninja go ninja go.

courtesy of Lou Morgue



You think you got skills?

Come get tattooed and let's test your dance skills.

The challenge has been made.

-Lou Morgue 

For the love of SUGAR


What's your favorite cereal?

Me, my number 1 is Cracklin' Oat Bran., but I miss the days of sugary stomach lining destruction. Crunchin that shit up, tearing up the roof of my mouth and  my gums. Flooding my bloodstream with sugar and bouncing off the walls like a methhead. The problem for me is all the formulas has been changed on my favorite breakfast bowlfillers. Peanut Butter Capt'n Crunch used to taste like a mouthful of heaven, now it tastes like cardboard. Sadly, others have fallen as well: Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, all taste bland now. I understand the need to make cereal "healthier", but you know what, I ate cereal then rode my bike around the neighborhood for hours. Cereal is cereal, if you want healthy, go eat some Kashi you hippie!

I miss the good old days. Kaboom. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Nerds. PURE SUGAR.

Forced to eat King Vitamin for health. Fuck that, I'm chowed down on some C3POs!

Let me know what you guys used to munch down on and current favs.

-Lou Morgue

The princess is in another castle

Come get tattooed in Lou Morgue's room "The Arcade"

You've been warned.

the Arcade is a subsidary level in the Spiral Zone, located just east of the Negative Zone

I'm back, I'm busy

So I returned triumphant from the 2013 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention. Surprisingly I ended up doing video game themed tattoos all weekend. THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME!!  Let's keep this going people. Bring in whatever video game designs you have, I'll do them all! Finishing up a neato Starcraft piece now, so I NEED MORE!

My room is set up now. I'd say I'm at 98%, but at least there is bad ass art hung up, video game music rocking, great vibes and lots of laughs. I've been on a massive comedy kick, so be prepared to be buried in an avalanche of yucks as I try out and refine my new bits as I tattoo you.

Come and help me raid castles on Happy Wars on XBOX live. Mayhem and destruction awaits. Join me as I launch a rain of deadly arrows or unleash the blackest tornado upon our enemies. My gamertag is Lou Morgue. The Baron is on too so come join us as we take the Iron Throne.

The new shop is nice. Clean, efficient, the setup is really cool. We're enjoying our new home right in the middle of Division St. The town is trying to setup D-street as the arts district, so we're going to take that banner and lead the charge. Pretty soon we'll have some info on a huge grand opening party and some cool ideas for the spring and summer. Stay tuned.

I think I'm going to run a piercing special soon. Thinking of ideas, anybody has one fell free to drop them suckas on me.

See you all later,

Lou Morgue