Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holy crap!  
Xmas is right around the corner
what do I get for that special person in my life?

A gift certificate from Artisanal Tattoo
of course!

I feel giving someone the gift of ink is one of the best things you can do.  Purchase a gift certificate today in any amount,
right up Sunday, December 23rd. (for those last minute shoppers)  

To sweeten the deal we're adding 10% for every $100.00
you spend. That means: $100.00 = $110.00
                                           $200 = $220.00
                                           $300.00 = $330.00 and so on.

We're also running a piercing special, get your belly button pierced and receive an additional piece of navel jewelry for FREE!

Take $10.00 off all other piercings for the month of DECEMBER! (excluding navel)

Buy one, get one half off sales on navel jewelry, all plugs, and barbells!
(you can also mix and match: buy a set of plugs, get a 
barbell half off, buy a barbell, half off a navel ring, ect)

So give the gift that will last a lifetime!
Happy Holiday from the gang at Artisanal Tattoo!!


Friday, November 9, 2012

The Superstorm  is over.

Artisanal Tattoo reopened our doors after getting power back almost a week after. I finally got my power back a full week later and it feels great to be back at work slinging ink!

Being an EMT, I'm included in all of the thanks showered on the first responders. We had to go out there in the danger, regardless of whatever conditions we had at home, putting ourselves last after the needs of others. All of the police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and all that lent a helping hand during and after disaster get our many thanks.

I want to take this time and thank the people no one ever seems to remember.  All of the clerks, sandwich makers, wait staff and servers, retail workers, gas station attendants, and ESPECIALLY the coffee shop employees. All of you that came to work despite whatever problems you left at home, the shitty pay, the exhausted customers, you all made it to your jobs and helped maintain a degree of normalcy amidst the chaos.

So on behalf of myself and the staff at Artisanal Tattoo, 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Lou Morgue

ps, Nart rules!