Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nerd Tattoos

I love doing them. I can talk for hours about all things nerd.

I will debate Star Wars.

I will discuss the confusion and plot holes of Michael Bay's Transformers.

I will talk about autistic E.T.

I am there for you, my nerds.

Until all are one.


Sa Sa Summer

Ok dweebs,

Summer is here.

It's hot, it's sandy, it's bloody.

Share in the fun and exposed flesh...come get tattooed and pierced!


Summer goings on

SUMMER is in full swing. We are busier than ever.

Division St. now has a Farmer's Market on Thursdays, right outside our doors so come by and eat some good stuff. Yak meat is available. Yes, Yak meat.

On Wednesday nights Division Street sets up a huge screen to show movies when it gets dark. Good stuff, Temple of Doom, Ghostbusters, Princess Bride for you nerds, so come, get inked and pierced, and stay for a unique outdoor drive in type experience.

Yestercades is officially open. Literally 50 ft from Artisanal's front door. I DARE you mofos to come down and challenge me. I will be sponsoring some Smash Bros. competitions in the future, so up yer skills suckas!