Monday, October 29, 2012

 How I Work: Prelude

How do you transfer a drawing onto my skin?  What are the rubber bands for?  Why did my skin do this while healing?  These are just a sample of the dozens of questions I answer daily.  I decided to create a place for people eager to learn about some of the inner workings of this unique industry.  Whether you've never set foot in a shop before, or if you're covered head toe to toe in ink this series will hopefully be helpful and entertaining to you.  I'll be passing along knowledge I picked up in my over 16 years tattooing, all retained within the crevasses of my brain.  I think this blog can be helpful to those just starting out in their tattoo careers.  Even with my awesome, old school true apprenticeship there was quite a lot I still had to figure out on my own. To the veteran tattooist, you may find a nugget or two in this blog useful, as I myself absorb and integrate a lot ideas from my peers.  I'm always on the hunt, looking for tips and ideas that improve the way I do things.  Logistical stuff  that helps me balance my appointments and organize my drawings, new equipment to try out, and aftercare practices to give you a better healing experience.

I think I bring a unique perspective of things both inside and outside the bubble of tattooing.   Being part of the medical community as an EMT and as an autopsy technician helps me tackle any medical issues encountered as a tattoo artist.  During the latter part of my career I've turned my focus more on improving business practices and organization.  Working outside of tattooing gives me more options to solve problems I encounter in the day to day tattoo grind.

I've seen this industry change so much over the years, new and better equipment (and access to it), the clientele, tattoo ideas, aftercare, so much more.  I've also been piercing the same amount of time and seen many fads come and go, and still to this day, so much misinformation persists.

The objective is to educate.  Gone are the days of clandestine tattoo secrets.  Much of the mystique is gone, just about everything in our industry exists on the internet. Television shows about tattooing bring us into the shops and sit us in the chairs.  Undeniably, the culture of tattooing is everywhere. The side effect of all this is as tattoo artists we have a greater responsibility to the client and to ourselves.  Ignorant tattoo artists and their wildly incorrect answers  have been replaced  by the cleaner, more informed, and the better skilled modern tattooist.  We owe it to the person sitting in the chair to be knowledgeably about all aspects of our craft.

As either a potential client or heavily inked individual, you should never be afraid to ask questions, at any stage of the process.  

So read on, and enjoy!
Lou M.      

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lou Morgue's booth in the new shop will henceforth be known as....The Spiral Zone

The Baron Ryan's booth in the new location

AHHHHHHH big storm coming our wayyyyy this weekend.  Stay safeeeee!  EEEEEAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


But fret not friends... we are only moving a mere 2 1/2 blocks! We are moving to 15A Division Street right off of Main Street here in Somerville. Some of you know the new Division Street is now a walking street, not for cars anymore. It is now considered Somerville's "Arts District", which is why this move is perfect for us and the town. We are all so very excited about this and we can't wait to open our doors and show you all the new layout. We will be opening the new show on November 1st! So for now, still come on down to Davenport Street. It has been a long process and the design work is all done, so we will be busting our butts to get it all constructed to our liking. As the date gets closer we will plan out one heck of a grand opening celebration and will hope all of you can attend. When you see what we have to offer in a new location, we hope you will all be so psyched as we are.