Thursday, June 28, 2012


Welcome to Artisanal Tattoo’s blog site!

Your host(s) for our first entry will be the meet and greeters of the shop me, Michele and Rob. Artisanal Tattoo was opened on October 28, 2008 by Leah Freisen. Leah for those of you who are curious is classically trained in fine arts and a graduate of Rutgers, Mason Gross. Besides her stunning photo-realistic portraits, Leah also specializes in pin-ups, and traditional Japanese Tattoos.

Joining Leah from the first day the shop opened is Lou Morgue, who (and don’t tell him I told you this) is a gamer at heart and actually has his own ‘gaming’ website. He is also a certified EMT, and he brings that knowledge to the table with him when he is tattooing and piercing. Oh yes, he is also the shops piercer! Lou works in Black and Grey tattoos, and has won quite a few tattooing awards (some of which are proudly displayed on his wall). He is also known for his large dynamic color pieces, and for those of us that are gaming geeks, his 8-bit tattoos.

In May of 2009, Kristin Bonafide joined Leah and Lou. Kristin brings a massive amount of enthusiasm to her work. It’s not uncommon to see her running around excited over some of the pieces she is working on. Yes, she really is that bubbly, especially if you bring her a large (skim milk, 4 splenda) iced coffee from DD. She specializes in beautiful color pieces with an illustrative flair and art reproductions. Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, and Scotch are her most favorite things ever.

And since I’ve done all the ‘talking’ I’m going to let Rob take over and introduce our newest artist to the family.

Ryan Slegel, born on the mean streets of Reading, PA. Yeah, you read that right… gangsta central... Reading PA. Ryan has been tattooing for about 5 years now, first in Philly, then here in good ol NJ. He graciously joined our dysfunctional family in April of 2012, and has been a huge asset ever since. His style is a blend of old school, black and grey, and anything from the covers of the best albums ever... ie: Slayer and Maiden. He will be your bestest friend ever if you get a Dr. Doom tattoo. Yeah, he is a Marvel Comics snob… so I implore one of you to step up to the plate and get a Dr. Doom tattoo!! Ryan also had Go-Bots growing up, not Transformers… feel free to judge.

On a serious note (don’t worry if it doesn’t happen that often) We are open seven days a week, from 12-8 Monday through Saturdays and 12-6 on Sunday. Stop by and take a look see, and don’t forget to bring me (Michele) a medium Carmel Latte hot, and Rob the same only iced! Seriously... we'll love you forever if you do... or at least till we finish the drinks.

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Here is some recent work by everyone.