Saturday, September 7, 2013

We Now Have GIFT CARDS!!!!

GIFT CARDS ARE IN! No more printed Gift Certificates, we got with the times and now offer Gift Cards! They are even rechargeable, so you can add on to them with they are used or if you want to get that cash out of your pocket. They are the best gifts in the world, and the holidays are right around the corner! Stop in today for them!

FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!!

Friday the 13th is almost here!!!!!

Due to the amount of people we are expecting as well as a few other factors, we must insist that you leave your kids home that day. We will not let ANYONE under the age of 18 in the doors.
That being said, please read thoroughly through all the rules and info below :

Artisanal Tattoo's
Friday the 13th
Tattoo Special Extravaganza!!!!

Friday, September 13th
Artisanal Tattoo will be hosting a special event where all tattoos on designated sheets will be specially priced at $13.00! (13.00+$7.00 tip.) That's the deal.

This offer only comes around once in a great while so make the most of it. The past few Friday the 13th's have been wild, all artists ended up worked late into the night trying get everyone inked up AND we still had to turn away people. Awesome tattoos were done, many of which were quite humorous. And that's the whole point, show up, have fun and get something cool or silly to commemorate this most excellent of days.

A few things to keep in mind:

- First come, first serve. No appointments. Show up. Get tattooed.

- We are going to only be tattooing 13s that day, so no regular appointments, walk ins, piercings, or consults will be done or scheduled.

- No one under 18 will be tattooed, even with parental consent! Too busy for the paperwork that day.

- Expect large crowds and a little bit of a wait for your turn. The tattoos are small but each artist has to set up, break down, and clean for each client. We try as hard as we can to tattoo everybody and we use a sign up sheet to keep track of when it's somebody's turn. If you need to step out for coffee or something let someone know so you don't get passed over. If you miss your turn and have been waiting a while we'll figure a way to rotate you back in.

- We're working on the hours, so we'll catch everyone up as we know more. Definitely the earlier you show up and sign in the better. We will also try and give people an estimate on the wait time.

- If you have a particular artist you want to get tattooed by, let the person running the front know when you sign in.

There will be sooo many PRE-DETERMINED designs to choose from. We have the sheets from previous years, and unveiling 2+ BRAND NEW Friday the 13th themed sheets. That means lots of cool, cute, funny, bad ass, and neat images to apply to your skin.

The only customization on the design will be changing the colors. **You have to pick something from the designated sheets, NO EXCEPTIONS! Do not bring something in or attempt to show us something from your phone, it will be met with grave consequences.

The artists are going to be busy tattooing their fingers to the bone, nobody's going to have the time to sit down and draw something for you. NO PREVIEWS either! Half the fun is coming in and seeing what we have. If you know the crew at Artisanal, we're a bunch of frickin' NERDS so these new sheets are going to be MATHEMATICAL!

The price is $13.00+$7.00 tip. No exception. Seriously, how bad ass is it to get a tattoo for $20 these days? Feel free to tip more if your artist is the coolest. Tips help us buy coffee, we need coffee, we love coffee, if you don't help us with coffee will will revolt!!! Well, that's not true, but we DO love tips.

Limit to one per customer. Please keep in mind many others are waiting.
**** ALSO NOTE **** You can NOT sign anyone else's name on the list. This is a strict "first come, first serve" policy. If your friend is on the way or can't make it until later, then that is their fault, they must sign up in person, NO EXCEPTIONS. if you try to be sneaky and come back in 5 minutes later and put another name on the list, you will be removed from the list entirely, and the other person will be as well, so don't screw yourself or your friend. Please be respectful of other people in line behind you.

Also, Weather permitting.. there will be live bands playing right outside starting early afternoon for your entertainment!

Make sure you EAT before you get tattooed, there are PLENTY of places to eat within a 1 minute walk from our shop!

So let's do this people. We want to see a large turnout. We want to tattoo so many...tattoos!