Monday, August 6, 2012

Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival
by Lou Morgue

Another year down, back home and back in the shop.  This is the third year Artisanal Tattoo had a booth at the Visionary Tattoo Arts Festival in Asbury Park.  This is a really cool convention to do.  The boardwalk is completely redone, lined with cool shops and great places to eat.  The convention itself is packed with lots of great tattoo artists, vendors, artists, as well as live performances all weekend. You have the beautiful beach and ocean right there, and the convention center houses some neat stores and eats. Another meaningful facet is that it's a Jersey based gathering, many local shops attend and it's fun to work along side all of my tattoo comrades, to catch up all while supporting the NJ tattoo scene.
Despite the busted air conditioning, the festival rocked.  We tattooed pretty much all weekend, inking a steady flow of happily tattooed attendees. Friday was absolute insanity at the after party at Asbury Lanes. Due to bad weather Saturday it was super packed with people all looking to get work done.  Saturday night was filled with tattoo artist high jinx, tater tots and disco metal, followed up with late night ghetto chicken and pizza.  This is why I love doing conventions.  The adventure.  The travel. The crazy nights and the stories told the next morning over breakfast.  You get to meet and connect with people from all over, tattooing interesting new people while forging friendships with other artists and shops.

If you've never attended a tattoo convention yet and love tattoos and the tattoo scene I suggest checking one out.  It can be a little overwhelming at first, awesome art, awesome tattoo artists, the buzzing of dozens of tattoo machines, and maybe a burlesque dancer or someone hanging from hooks onstage.  Pick an artist and get INKED!
The Baron

Ryan came all the way from Latveria to tattoo

Kristin at work

lookin f f f fly


rockin' that Magfest shirt

yappin away as usual

poppin that colla

That's right m-fin' Morgue and Martone.  And yes, that is a Mankind tattoo I'm working on.
Know your role.