Thursday, November 6, 2014

Back from Portland part 3: the Tifecta

So kiddies, I told you about the food of Portland. I told you about the convention.

Now I will tell you about the gaming.

Everywhere I looked there was evidence of gamers. Video game art, comics, tattoos. A small patch sewn into a backpack or a vintage NES shirt.

Downtown Portland is home to Ground Kontrol, an arcade/bar/place of awesomeness. I hit it up after the convention and it was packed! Two floors of classic arcade cabinets and pinball games, and they had some BAD ASS games! The place was packed but there were enough games so something was always available. There was a live DJ blasting 8 bit and chiptune remixes while everyone was playing. Such a good time, and I'm glad these places exist because there was a time I clearly remember that all arcades were almost extict like the mighty Sasquatch.

                                    DROKK IT! Playing Judge Dredd pinball!!

Across the street was an art installation, no fuck that, a TRAINING FACILITY FOR THE COMING ROBOT WAR OF 2084!!!

It's called the Church of Robotron. That's all I can say about the place. I have been swore in, gave an oath in blood and oil to protect the human masses from the metallic death machines. Go to their website. Do not hesitate, do not delay or you will be crushed under mechanized wheels like the other human sheep.

Go. Go forth and join. Hail! Hail! Hail and KILL...ROBOTS!!

One last adorable aside. On the Saturday of the convention right next door to the tattoo expo was the Portland Pet Expo. I HAD to go check it out, and pet as many fuzzy dogs, cats, ferrets, and one llama. There was so much cuteness I was in heaven.


What a dork. I just had to pose with this cat while wearing a cat shirt. So Meta! NERD.

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