Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tattoo legend Matt Pope is here for a guest spot!

Check this action out.
Tattoo legend Matt Pope is going to be doing a guest spot at our shop for the next 2 weeks.
With over 30 years of solid tattooing, we are honored to have him lend us his skills and sling some killer ink!

Get here, bring some awesome tattoo designs and ideas, and walk out with a most excellent piece.
His time here is limited so don't delay!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why the Simpsons and getting tattooed are the best....

Let's face it people, the Simpsons just fucking rock.

 So don't be like Milhouse, come in and get tattooed by Lou. Guaranteed to be more fun than a Sideshow Bob murderfest!!
- Kirk Van Houten

Mr. Burns gives dry handjobs.
- random Springfield bystander 

       Worst tattoo shop ever!
- Comic Book Guy, general douchebag and nerd

Dude, every tattoo I got by Lou it fucking rocked man. 
-Snake Jailbird
(runs down the street after mugging interviewer)


Spiralling Down The Holiday Drain

The holidays are fast approaching.

Xmas is waiting, crouching around that corner to pounce on us all with it's butt full of holiday cheer, and 2015 is right behind it.

Are you like me? Do you HATE shopping? Wandering the malls and shops with no clue.

I gots an easy solution. Stop by the wondrous winterland of Artisanal Tattoo and grab a gift certificate!

We are still running the insane special of and extra $20 tacked on for every $100 you spend. So for you mathletes, that's:

$100.00 = $120.00
$200 = $240.00

and on and on.

Don't worry, any amount of gift card you pickup someone is great. Giving the gift of a tattoo is such an excellent thing,  tattoos are a luxury item, they can be pricey, so a gift card helps that tattoo addicted maniac complete their piece, or can help someone who was dragging their feet on getting a tattoo.  

(I just sold one RIGHT NOW!)

Oh, and I'm also running a special, I'm selling $35.00 any piercing! How fucking cool is that? From you genitals to your eyeballs, what a deal!

And remember, any gift card you buy enters you into the grandest prize of all, a stocking filled with tattoo stuff, a $300.00 gift card and a free piercing!!


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

                                                    HEY YOU GUYS!!

Are you cool enough?

Are you bad ass enough?

Do you want to win this super awesome stocking filled to the brim with cool stuff?

It's free to enter, just get tattooed or pierced by me, drop your name in the box, and you, yes you could win the stocking filled with loot!

Stuffed deep inside you will potentially find...

-cool stuff

-awesome stuff


-a free hour at Yestercades

-a gift card for a free piercing

-$50.00 tattoo gift card

-more farts

-toys, and so much more!!

Stop by Artisanal, I'm here every day cept' Monday & SAturday.

Lou O'Caiside


Friday, November 28, 2014

We at Artisanal believe that Black Friday shouldn't only be the day after Thanksgiving... So with that thought in mind check out our Black Friday deal that goes on and on, until December 22nd!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Time to get piercings you BOHABS.

I cannot think of a better time.... come into the shop and get a brand new, nice as HECK piercing.

I just got in a whole shipment of goodies, new organic plugs, glass, metals, and some cool jewelry that just about doubled the amount of stock.

Time to upgrade suckas!

and some cool piercings to gawk at:

Lets do some tattoos...

Man, I love this time of year. Cool, crisp weather, Samhain blaring on the radio, hot coffee and hot chocolate...

...perfect time to come get some INK done sonz!!

Come down to the shop. We'll talk about cool stuff. I'll do a killer tattoo on you. There's a freakin ARCADE down the street from the shop.